Just Another Ordinary Day

Sweet overnight breath

Serves as a wake-up alarm

Make way for me

In the bathroom line

Today I am number one


Turning to the mirror I exclaim

What is a frog doing on the other side?

Holy cow! That’s my sleepy face…

Then I apply yogurt and pepper to

Clear the puffiness from my eyes


Sleepy heads running around

Booger faces finding socks in odd places

Rushing to box smorgasbord pieces

I cover little creatures with lots of kisses


Looking for the keys at the last minute

That were carefully placed in bowl

By my ADHD troll

The busyness never stops

With meetings and tasks that flop


Crazy demands and frowny faces

Spilling coffee on untied shoe laces

Blown up tires and changes of weather

I still manage to keep it all together

Arriving back home only to find out

That there is some food I have to scout


Bones exhausted crash into the soft

Embrace of lovers under the covers

Uh! Baby, is your taco grande?

Come closer don’t let it squander


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