What we do in the shadows (2014)

If you thought that a few handsome mates sharing a house could be a messy business, wait ’til you see this movie. This is a film sponsored by the New Zeland Documentary Board . It follows four single and ready to mingle vampires as they deal with the everyday challenges of living in the 21st century and sharing close quarters together. Like most men, vampires tend to be a bit oblivious of their looks and the vibe that they project.

There is Deacon, the most rebellious of the four gentlemen, he had to suck the vampire’s…. blood to survive after being bitten. Surprisingly, this experience blossomed into a beautiful friendship that has lasted a couple of centuries between him and Peter (the fourth vampire in the house) who happens to be 8000 years old.

There is Vladislav, a medieval old fashioned guy with a ‘thing’ for poking things and people. He claims to have evolved into a much better person, although it seems like old habits are hard to kill.

Viago is an interesting character, he seems to be the caretaker of the bunch. Always trying to keep the peace and worried about home upkeeping to give a good impression for guests. He is definitely a sensitive soul who cares deeply about showing potential victims a good time. He was in love once, so true were his feelings that he still visits her at the nursing home. Although she chose to marry another, Viago has refused to seek love again until she sets him free.

Despite prejudice and misinformation towards vampires, this film shows that they are just like us, they have insecurities, they feel fear, hopes and experience lots of conflict just like every family. They worry about saving money, that is why they practice ultimate thrifting, by taking clothing from their victims. I mean, if they have good fashion, why waste money on something that comes to you for free?

Although many people may assume vampires are all bad, there are many that use their abilities for good causes. For example if you were bitten when you were 16 or 13, you will always look that age, that is why some vampires use their gift to catch predators. A really noble service by the vampire community that is not highly publicized.

This film has first time footage of two vampires fighting. They get into real bad ones, and the worst part is that they can’t kill each other. So the fight can go for hours and it can get really bloody.

Overall, I think the film makers did an excellent job showing the humanity of vampires and teaching us that our misconceptions about them are the product of our deranged imagination.

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