Old (2021)

Beware! Online bargains are not always what they seem. The movie takes place in a far away tropical paradise that has everything you need to relax and create a wonderful family memory. The place is so high end that even drinks are personalized to the dietary and health specifications of each guest. Guy and Prisca get ready to create one of the last vacations with their children. Unsure of what activities they can do together, they ask the resort manager for advice. The adventure begins when he suggests that the family visits a one of a kind small private beach.

The place is isolated from the outside world in a small corner surrounded by very peculiar rocky cliffs. As the kids relax and play around in the hidden caverns and small sea water streams, the tension between the adults begins to slowly build up. Couples are not doing well and this place for some reason brings out the worst of them.

There is a strange character that was already at the scene when the two families arrive to the beach. It is all fun and giggles until the body of a beautiful lady washes ashore. It is unclear if the cause or death was an accident or if the existing character was involved in her death. The doctor quickly figures out that there is something funky going on in the beach that is making everybody’s call age at an alarming rate. What they don’t know, is why they were ushered to that place. There is a dark and sinister purpose that is revealed at the end. Quite an unexpected twist. Join the members of this crew as they try every possible escape route.

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