Red Notice (2021)

I have to thank Dan, my boyfriend, for turning me on to Ryan Reynolds’ movies. I had not seen his work since the Green Lantern and I have to admit that it has gotten a lot funnier than I remembered. This is an entertaining mystery sprinkled with several twists. The plot revolves around a few lost Egyptian artifacts given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony as a wedding gift. The good guys keep a modest but well built mountain top prison where a lot of the action takes place. Spies, skilled art thieves and intrigue will keep you hooked until the last minute. I really like the way Gal Gadot holds her own as a super villain and uses her lady charms as needed to get out of any situation. I am not generally fond of villains in movies, but if I was to become one, I would aspire to be liker her. She is displaying some badass personality in this movie in the same way as she did in the Wonder Woman movies. With 300MM dollars at stake it becomes hard to discern where everyone loyalties stand.

I am pleasantly surprised by the recent surge of interest in South American culture reflected in American movies through a fascination with Nazi treasure buried in Argentina. I have seen several movies that speak about hidden treasures hidden somewhere deep in the Andes of my beloved Argentina.

Bring some popcorn and brace yourself for some good old fashioned spy mystery packed with action.

What did you think about this movie? Leave your comments below.

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