Re Loca (2018)

What if you could suddenly let go of filters and say what you really think? In the midst of a routine life, full of demands and pressures, a casual and magical encounter will make Pilar (Natalia Oreiro) turn “Re Loca” (super crazy) and can say and do what we all dream about but don’t dare to do. Work, friends, boyfriends and family will witness the liberating consequences of this revealing change. Of course, getting rid of the the people and situations that drain your energy isn’t going to be that easy. They tend to not want to go without a fight, after all, you have made life all too comfortable for them. A comedy not to be missed, with characters with whom it will be impossible not to identify, on a subject of indisputable actuality.

Pilar is a typical Argentinian woman trying her best to deliver all the things that society demands of them. Kindness, patience, understanding, a lending hand and keeping her head down even in the face of injustice really takes a toll on her mental health. She is in love with her best friend, but she ‘respects his space’ to figure things out, so she settles for a lot less accepting a life without romance. All seems to be going as expected until she realizes that she has options, that she is free to choose the kind of life that she wants.

When things begin to change, at first it seems like the work of magic. However, as she gains more confidence and awareness of her power, she comes to terms with the fact that she has settled for a lot less than she deserved and becomes determined to stop accepting anything less than what she can give. I really enjoyed seeing this transformation, specially at the end of the movie which comes with some unexpected twists.

Overall, I give this movie a 10 rating because I felt identified with her level of frustration while laughing so hard that I was in tears 🙂

What did you think about this movie? Leave your comments below.

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