Inside The Castle

As she entered the great hall

A grumpy creature was waiting

What’s wrong? She inquired

The world is unfair it shrieked

Shocked and saddened

She sang a lulling song


As she readied to leave the crab behind

And begin to wander around

An army of flying monkeys

Approached the palace

A loud roar came from a locked room

So, she unleashed her latest find


A dragon and a crab became bound to her

Keeping her safe but troubled

Leaving no time for play until

Worn out, they fell into a slumber

Opening an exploration window

She accepted the invitation to meander


Curiosity left an alluring trail to follow

Lights from the dungeon exuded radiance

A flamboyant melody came from beyond

A door dressed with a gargoyle

Surreptitiously she approached

She had found the unicorn hall


Now she spends all her time

Practicing her new found powers

Forging new dreams and magic spells

Learning to live in harmony

With all the creatures

That inhabit her citadel


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