1001 Ways to Mess Up a Sandwich

This one was inspired by listening to a coworker comment on how shocked she was to learn that someone could mess up a sandwich 😂 I thought, oh! It sounds like an American version of Arabian Nights where adventures take place at fast food restaurants instead of deserts 😄 I must warn that it has a bit of dark humor.

Ok. Here I go!

Placing the pickle outside

Smearing too much spice throughout

Mushing the eggplant with a car

Toasting buns with a cigar


Confusing a Baguette for a Hero

Combine seasonings that add to zero

Pushing items beyond the edge

Not leaving any room for veg


And I could think of many more

Like throwing effort out the door

Revise the list right up above

They are also ways to mess up love


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