The Struts

The Struts are an English rock band from Derby, Derbyshire, England. The band consists of vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliot, and drummer Gethin Davies. Formed in 2012, the original lineup was composed of Spiller, Slack, bassist Jamie Binns and drummer Rafe Thomas. The band’s influences include Queenthe Darknessthe Rolling StonesAerosmithDef Leppardthe Killersthe SmithsOasisthe LibertinesMichael Jacksonthe Strokes, and My Chemical Romance[1][2][3][4]

What can I say? Wow, what an amazing blend of talent and passion for life. This is a relatively young band that I think will make their mark in the music industry. I was introduced to this band through a last minute invite to a concert in Philly. My Friend Lucy is always scouting good music and we all appreciate her taste. Luke Spiller was definitely the star of the show. His live performance is a mix of Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson with a dash of diva. He knows how to connect with the audience. His energy and smile captivated my attention immediately. I was not familiar with many of their songs but after attending the live concert I dove into their work and loved it! Their music is very original, they have a very distinct style. Their lyrics are light, entertaining and reflect the experience of their generation. Their videos, although made on a low budget (you’ll notice the settings are very standard) reflect very much their identity and really connect with the audience. It almost makes you want to go on tour with these guys. They look like a fun bunch!

They exude vitality and talent. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the next album!

Here are my favorite picks:

Body talks

This is a great pick me up tune. A mix of Rolling Stones and The Arctic Monkeys (Brianstorm). The lyrics transport you to the primal world of attraction, subtle hints and seduction games. The laid back attitude of the subject makes it a fun song to send to your crush without ‘saying a word’.


Could have been me

Is your perfectly under control life missing something? Do you struggle with feelings of unhappiness despite all your achievements? Are you tired of existing but don’t know how to start living? Then, this song is for you! I call this tune: ‘A Practical Guide on Having Fun for Dummies’

Are you ready to feel love and pain, pride and shame? Then go for it!


And who would not want to be a Primadonna at least for one night? This song continues their string of witty light entertainment. It is an open invitation to embrace the attention that we all secretly crave.

“Hey you, don’t you know who I think I am?A big fish, a small town
Romeo, turns your mother on
Take it off, t-t-take it off
Backseat, a Rolls Royce
Radio, (beep beep) I’m not here to talk about it
Turn it up, t-t-turn it up
Come on baby

Do you wanna?
Do-do you wanna be a primadonna like me tonight?”

Well, yes! Don’t mind if I do 🙂

Put your money on me

The band displays another shade of their playfulness in this song. Attributing lateness to work to being a slave to her body and soul? Well, I must confess, I would have never thought of such an excuse, but it does make it sound sweet, sexy and even alluring. These lads seem like a bunch of fun smooth talkers. Oh, don’t mind me, I just say one thing but do another, but just for your information, I don’t play hot and cold games 😉 It is just that I don’t know what I want, but I want it now!

“It’s true baby I sleep ’til noon for breakfast
I have a little smoke then I get up and go
And yes I’m always two hours late for work babe
It’s hard being a slave to your body and soul…

I know I’ve got a bad bad reputation
I’m not afraid to look a girl right in the eye
And so I’ll tell you for your information
Just know I’m not that kind of guy”

This lady seems to have gotten herself a winner! Or did she?

Pegasus Seiya

This is a very inspirational song, very zen, written in only the way that the Struts could. If you are going though a rough patch and need of a jolt of energy as reminder to stay the course, this song will do the trick!

“Hold it in your heart
Cosmo is a part of you
Burning hard, gonna flow
Don’t you stop it, let it go

Prophecies were made
At galaxies so far from here
But you don’t need them now
Stay strong and believe what you feel

Pegasus, the destiny
No one can take away from you
Now your hope is the sky
And your dreams are the wings
They’re gonna take you high”

One Night Only!

Well, it does sound like a fun dude to spend one night with (Jed Elliot specially). The intensity may be a bit hard to keep up with in the long term, unless you are into burning down and ruling the world 😉 What do you ladies think?

“All my scars have got a tune
There’s a fire in my heart
And I can’t stop it burning down
On the edge of tonight
‘Cause tomorrow we’ll be ruling the world”

Kiss this!

Thomas does seem to have done a lot of bad things. So, yeah! at some point you need to draw a line on the sand and be gone for good! Blast this song and embrace better things to come!

“Thomas said sorry,
Coming home crawling,
Didn’t give a shit before,
He stole from me,
So I’m gone for good (hey)
Getting back from these no second chances,
Another phone call ignored,
You are back for me,
But I’m gone for good”

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