Kick Ass (2010)

Before I proceed, I must warn you that this review contains some spoilers. I absolutely loved this movie because it was unexpectedly funny, dynamic and surprisingly good. The story centers around Dave, a regular dorky comic book geek turned super hero. Dave is a high school student whose only super power is being invisible to girls. Part of his charm is that he is such a relatable character. While the plot seems to be about him and his journey into trying to become a superhero, the movie is really about ‘Hit Girl’ (Played by Chlöe Grace Moretz) An 11 year old trained by her dad (Aka “Big Daddy”) to become a killing machine. ‘Big Daddy’ declares war on Frank D’Amico, the local drug lord, after he was framed and sent to jail. Speaking of which, big daddy is definitely sick but the way he carries himself while attacking D’Amico’s warehouse is somewhat sexy. He oozes raw manliness, calm, confident and precise.

Does a hot fudge sundae and a stop at a bowling alley seem like fair payment to reward an 11 year old girl willing to withstanding two entire rounds of gun shots in her bullet proof vest? This is how ‘Hit Girl’ is introduced in the movie. Despite her bad ass nature, she seems like a sweet little girl who is trying really hard to please her dad. Instead of puppies for her birthday, she asks for a butterfly knife. It is really sad to see how she tries to impress her dad with her knowledge of the weapon while he is so consumed by his hate for D’Amico that he can barely notice her. This dynamic gives having daddy issues a whole new dimension.

However, Hit Girl is one of the strongest female superhero character I have seen in a very long time. Generally, all female superheroes are always saved by the guys at the last minute. Here, we see a completely different twist, her stealthy nature resembles the grace of a black panther hunting at night. The bad guys don’t even know what hit them. The maturity of this little girl during one of the saddest parts of the movie is really moving. Hit Girl is without a doubt, my favorite superhero of all times. All I am going to say is that the final fight scene is epic at many levels not to mention painful to watch.

Enjoy the ride!

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