Blood Red Bow

The devious quest begins with a single promise

A promise wrapped in a blood red bow

The promise of eternal sunshine 

An understanding so deep that you are whisked to your feet 

Forgetting the hazy reality of life itself and its unpredictable motions

Further believing that you are one singular planet in a vast, ever-expansive universe

Till death do you apart


You can only get so high before the blood red bow snaps

You can only be taken so high before you drop

Plummeting to the ground 

Deeper than the earth’s core

Deeper than you can get out of

All your bearings slipped away from under your feet

The sudden reality drops through you like a boulder


The red bow is calling to you 

Laughing at your instabilities 

Reflecting your ignorance

It doesn’t mind sharing your loneliness 

For The white walled room, you sit in is dictated by the red bow

The blood red bow is calling


You sit in silence 

Replenishing your mind

Forgetting the journey taken before crashing through the white room 

Forgetting the blood red bow

The quest starts anew



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