Brad Mehldau

He made his first debut as a jazz musician in 1991. Mehldau was one of the original member of the Joshua Redman Quartet who last played together in 1994. They recently reunited to release their new album RoundAgain. His album Largo is probably one of the best modern Jazz compositions I have heard.

Below is a list of my top picks. Enjoy!

When it Rains

I can get lost in the piano sound of this piece. It reminds me of the rain falling slowly over the metal roof of my childhood home. The grey skies moving slowly as the sun shines on the horizon with hues of pink and blue. I have fallen asleep to this tune so many times.

Dusty McNugget

This song sounds like a chill walk through Central Park on a cold winter morning; coffee on hand and people walking by. For some reason icicles dripping slowly from the main fountain come to my mind. Such an excellent song to listen while sipping some tea and cuddling under the blankets with your favorite human and a good book.

Free Willy

Mehldau uses the base to produce a sound similar to that of whale calls. The base is also used to depict the playful simulation of a chase among creatures. Enjoy!

After Bach

Brad’s After Bach comprises the pianist/composer’s recordings of four preludes and one fugue from J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, each followed by an “After Bach” piece written by Mehldau and inspired by its WTC mate. The album begins with Mehldau’s own “Before Bach: Benediction” and ends with his “Prayer for Healing. It is simply amazing!

Make it all go away

“Mehldau  has always been concerned with balancing a handful of musical priorities: dynamic fluctuation, tension and release, the play between a crisply stated idea and one that’s projected or implied. All of these are factors on Finding Gabriel, Mehldau’s ambitious new album. What helps nudge it into strange new territory is a fixation on voice and breath. This might not seem like the key detail on a swing-for-the-fences opus that references Old Testament prophets and other Biblical arcana; collides retro-futurist synthesizers with horns and strings; and interpolates an all-too-familiar slogan from a political rally. We’ll get to all of that. But when you spend some time with Finding Gabriel, you begin to understand how much faith Mehldau has placed here in human vocalization, as a call to communion in troubled times.”(Nate Chinen, NPR).

Right back round again

The Joshua Redman Quartet was scheduled to go on tour in Europe last summer before COVID-19 hit. Their United States tour began at the Monterey Jazz Festival on Sept. 26, moved on to Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles on Sept. 27 and reached Jazz at Lincoln Center on Oct. 2 and 3 of 2020.

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  1. I apologize for leaving a comment on this post but the comment section underneath the “Lie” book post is closed. (Not sure if you’re aware of it or not.)

    “Thus, lying is a defense mechanism developed to avoid unbearable pain.” On some level, I have known that for a while, but I have to admit that: “The more an individual lies, the more sensitive he/she is to rejection” is something I only realized recently. Quite fascinating.


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