The Lobster (2019)

This film employs a dystopian setting to depict the reality of the binary world that we live in and the poor mating choices that people make based on fear. This is a very dark comedy that treads lightly on the edge of tragedy. The major take away is that unlike we have been told, love is not blind.

David is escorted to a hotel after his wife left him for another man. He has 45 days to ‘fall in love’ or he will be turned into an animal. From the beginning of the movie this world leaves no chance for spectrums of choice. Either you are in a committed relationship or not, if you are not, there must be something wrong with you. He would rather explore his bi-sexuality, however, that is no longer an option at the hotel. He is a hopeless romantic who would prefer to hide his feelings for someone whom he is crazy about than having to pretend he loves someone just to conform.

Everyone is so disconnected from their feelings but the pressure of finding a mate before turning into something undesired causes the residents to ‘bond’ over the most superficial of characteristics. Having a blood disorder or anxiety makes two people declare their love for each other in order to avoid being alone. Of course, this is an exaggerated depiction of our reality, where people ‘fall in love’ by bonding over liking the same movies or hobbies, while they can’t talk about anything that is really significant in their lives for fear of being rejected.

David is one of the lucky ones who manages to get away from this madness into a setting where he is allowed to remain single without a time limit. The only problem is, that loners are not allowed to flirt or fall in love with each other, because… they have chosen to be loners, there are no in betweens in this world. However, David finds someone special with whom he develops a secret language to hide their love from others. They have finally found what everyone else is missing.

I will not kill it for you, but this movie also shows how easy it is to ‘love’ when we are in the receiving end… Makes you wonder about familiarity, vs infatuation and real love.


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