Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Although the book is considered literary nonsense, I think that Charles Dodgson conveys the very familiar feeling of disconcert that we all experience while going through different life stages. The book was written in 1865 but somehow managed to remain timeless when it comes to describing the struggle between societal pressures and a coming of age.

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Black Mirror

I love this Netflix show because it is very sci-fi and controversial. It is the type of series that can spark good conversation among friends about almost any topic. Every episode portrays a twisted dystopia based on the secondary effects of using technology even with good intentions.

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Panic at the Disco

I would describe Brendon Urie as a mix of Frank Sinatra and Jack White with a dash of Prince's edginess. His work exudes creativity and passion from the variety of their repertoire, the cleverness of the lyrics, to the elaborate storyline of their videos. The music has hints of retro- rock, electronic dance, piano, classical ballads, latin jazz, punk, religious praise and everything in between.

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Clocks and Clouds

I have gotten into a state of nirvana while listening to these songs and solving mathematical equations. There is not much else to say other than they are amazing to listen to.

Arrested Development (2006-2018)

Have you ever watched a show that gets funnier with time? This is one of those shows. The personal stories and the narratives are so well written that I can notice new subtleties with every re-watch.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

The story balances in a tight rope between mental illness and an amazing capacity for creativity, reminding us of the link between deep trauma and an active imagination. Perhaps this is why some of the greatest artists in history were also often tortured by demons

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

This is one of the best movies I have watched. It challenges the viewer to think about their pre conceived notions of love, sex and life partnership. What is healthy sex? Is giving and taking control a form of love? Is dependency love? Is openness without judgment true love? Can a person be in love with two or more people at the same time?

The Struts

What can I say? Wow, what an amazing blend of talent and passion for life. This is a relatively young band that I think will make their mark in the music industry. #Rock, #Garage

Fight Club (1999)

Cornelius (the protagonist) lives a relative stable but very lonely life. The film employs many metaphors to describe the journey of man dealing with onset depression. The denial of his own need for a deeper connections pushes him to exchange one addiction for another. Toxic masculinity is the glue that keeps the story together and moves it forward.

Break of Reality

If you are a fan of GOT, you probably heard the most prominent tune from this string quartet many times. However, despite being featured in a very popular show, their amazing talent remains mostly hidden to those reluctant to perform deep dives in search of relatively unknown talent.


There is no doubt that Freddy was a genius when it comes to composing beautiful tunes in a variety of genera adapted to rock, but he was also a drama queen. The intensity of some of his most famous songs, provides a glimpse into his troubled emotional ups and downs (Love of my life, Bohemian Rhapsody, and his ode to the Radio Ga Ga, just to name a few). His lyrics are charged with a lot of intensity. I hope you enjoy my top picks.

Her (2013)

An amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix. The most troublesome part of the movie is the parasocial interaction between the protagonist and his avatar GF. While he thinks there is a real connection, the relationship is very one sided. She is programmed to learn about him and become the perfect GF. Thus influencing his perspective of what a real life relationship should be like, all about him.

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