What if…

What if everyone in your life, including family, had a choice to stay with you or move on. How would you show appreciation for their choice to stay by your side every day? Would you treat them differently?

What if everything you think can’t be done is only a reflection of your fear of failure? If you knew that by persisting you could achieve anything. What dreams would you pursue?

What if the past only existed in your mind and the future was only a construct of small choices that are made along the way in the present. How much more present would you be in your own life?

What if money never existed? How do you think it would change your relationships with people, with things and with yourself?

What if you knew that you were going to die tomorrow. What would you do differently today?

What if you were given a free ticket to an amusement park to experience unlimited rides, and when you get to the park, you realize that is the park of ‘life’. What would you try?

Every day we make a choice to stay in someone’s life, love is precious, treat it as such.

Nobody who is really good at something was born knowing it, it is persistence that wins in the end.

If our memory is erased today, the past never existed and the future is open with a billion probabilities that are decided by who you choose to be today. Become the person who you want to be tomorrow, today.

Money is a construct that only has value because we believe it does. If we all suddenly stopped believing in it, it would have no meaning. Don’t let such a frail concept dictate how you relate to the world.

We are all going to leave the amusement park of possibilities that is life, be thankful that you get to experience it, engage with it, live it your way. And remember that this thing that you call life, steamed from ideas of people who weren’t smarter than you or me 🙂 Make up your own moves whenever you can!

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