Big Mouth (2017-2020)

This show looks like a teenager sex-ed animated comedy. However, the writing is peppered with layers of complexity. It has quickly grown to be one of my favorite shows on Netflix. While I agree with my friend’s assessment that the show is “Sex Positive,” I also think that is a lot more than that, sort of overall emotion positive. The show follows a group of teenage nerdy friends exploring an array of feelings and disorders that they experience while going through puberty. Somehow, the writers managed to sneak in the topic of mental illnesses and even politics into the story, while making us laugh and reflect about our own hang ups. I feel like some of the topics are things that many adults struggle with on a daily basis. For example, nobody tells you how you are supposed to have sex. Does anyone know what they are doing? This show will give you some belly laughs while providing some tips. πŸ˜‰

Season 1 begins by exploring the insecurities of teenage boys as they begin to experience hormonal changes. The feelings of confusion, shame and disconcert are very real not to mention the ridiculousness of some of the things that get boys going. Watch as Andrew pulls the trigger while looking at his clock, as he imagines that the pendulum is some lady swinging her butt at him. If that is not enough to make you feel less weird, just wait, it gets better. The characters are very diverse and the writers play their personalities against each other to reveal deep emotions and insecurities that we experience at any age.

This is also a great show for parents of teenagers to reconnect with their younger selves and have an idea of the struggles their kids are going through. Each emotion and urge is represented in the show by different monsters with unique personalities.

Fun fact, this show is the reason why I randomly started using the phrase “Fuck a Duck”!

Below is a list of my favorite episodes. Enjoy!

S1. EP5- Newsflash Girls Get Horny Too

The boys’ mind is blown when they find out that girls get horny as well. While arousal seems to have very different origins for both genders, the source is mixed signals that come from the same source: the brain’s interpretation of sexy. This episode builds upon mixed signals and how everyone’s projection of their own feelings into others gets people into trouble. While Nick and his sister Leah try to uncover the mysteries of human desire, Elliot and his wife (Nick’s parents) take the opportunity to ‘credit’ and ‘affirm’ each other as great parents all night long πŸ˜€ In the mean time, Jessie has a very serious conversation with herself…

S2. EP2- What is it About Boobs?

I love this episode because it continues down the stream of the different body issues that people tend to develop over time. It touches upon sizes, lack of development and over development issues, only to end in a totally body positive tone. This is also the first episode where grown ups begin to show their very human and fragile side, demystifying stereotypes about parenthood relationships and adulthood. For example: we tend to believe that every adult we talk to is on similar level of emotional, sexual and even intellectual development baseline rooted on standardized public education. The truth is that the human experience is so uniquely shaped that it takes a long time to really get to know somebody. The saddest part is that many people are so afraid to show their feelings that they never get to experience life to the fullest, nor they ever get close to anybody long enough to have enriching mature experiences. We see at times, children running around in the body of grown adults. Enjoy this insightful episode and don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your own self perception.

S.2 EP5- The Planned Parenthood Show

This Episode eases into the topic of birth control methods while presenting them as potential dates with very particular personalities. For this alone, I commend the show’s writers for providing a public service and a safe environment for people to open up about their views and knowledge in the matter. The underlying message is the fact that women are mostly the ones expected to be responsible for contraception, something that is not true. Unfortunately, men are told that because they can’t get pregnant they can do as they please. This mentality leaves them in a very vulnerable position, not only to contract chronic STDs (HIV and Hep C for instance) but also to end up on the receiving end of an unwanted pregnancy. The show implies that there are only two choices for men, condoms or a vasectomy and that is completely misinformed. While women have a choice in some countries, there is very little talk about the emotional toll that an unwanted pregnancy can rack up in both partners independently of the outcome. Being in such a position leads to regrettable outcomes, due to the life changing decision that has to be made. It is sort of like finding yourself with a group of people you barely know deciding who will jump off a plane without a parachute. It is terrifying regardless if you do it alone or together. Why would you want to be in that position to begin with?

Elliot (Nick’s dad) shows once again his extremely vulnerable and open communication style while educating his son about his decision to get a vasectomy to relieve his wife from the pressure of family planning.

S.2 EP6- Drug Buddies

This episode explores a little bit how people develop addictions and how drugs affect everybody differently. Jessie and Nick embark on a quest to try edible marijuana only to find out that the side effects are not pleasant at all. When hunger and anxiety kicks in, Nick visits an uncomfortable aspect of his fears. In the meantime, Jessie has to face the consequences of doing pot. Besides, who knew that elbows were like the knees of the arms and that we can all have finger knees? The show underscores the role of good friendships in lifting you up without any side effects. πŸ˜‰

What did you think of this show? Leave your comments below πŸ™‚

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